Save on Magazine Subscriptions

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this internet thing, but I guess it’s pretty popular. Still, for my money, it doesn’t get much better than a physical magazine. Amazon has some excellent deals on magazine subscriptions for you to check out. You can get some of them digitally, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

SkiD1-year of Ski Magazine for $8

You don’t have much time left in the ski season but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your imagination wander during the dog days of summer. You can get this delivered to your Kindle for just $10, or delivered to your door for $8.

BowABowhunter Magazine for $17

If you like stalking the wilderness in silence, waiting for that big buck to come by, but even the extended bowhunting season isn’t long enough, you’re in luck. Bowhunter magazine is $17 for the print edition, or you can get the Kindle edition for just $1.50 an issue.

streamAField & Stream Magazine for $10 a Year

This is one of the finest magazines about fields and streams you’ll ever find. I challenge you to produce evidence of a magazine that does a better job covering fields, streams, and other outdoor stuff like woods and mountains.

LifeAOutdoor Life Is $10 Annually

Lots of magazines have the word “life” in the title. For example, Boys’ Life and Life. Outdoor Life is about living that outdoor life: hunting. Fishing. Wearing warm boots. It’s all here and it’s a great deal.

FishermanAIn-Fisherman Magazine for $10

Man oh man I can’t wait to get out on the open water and do some fishing. I appreciate and enjoy ice fishing, don’t get me wrong. But I really love casting into weeds and landing a monster on rod and reel, even if it’s a monster branch I snagged. Still gets me excited.

golfAGolf Magazine only $8 a Year

Another wonderful activity that can’t be enjoyed in the snow is golf. I am terrible at golf. Both my long and short games are bad. I suppose if I took a lesson or actually tried to not be a spaz when I hit the ball, I could improve. Hard telling.

TrailerATrailer Life Magazine Is $17.87 for 1-Year

Honestly, until I went searching for cool magazines, I’d never seen this one. But now I’m totally into it. I just want to load up the trailer and point my truck west sometimes. But I can’t, because I’m too busy. But what I can do is experience that trailer life through Trailer Life magazine. Close enough.


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