Almost Time to Head Upta Camp: Here Are Some Essentials

Yes, it’s going to snow like a bastard in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have up at camp this summer. And with spring rapidly and blessedly approaching, you’re going to have to go up there and blow the stink off and dump the dead mouse out of the trash can you forgot to flip over.

KitchenTowelsA15-pack Cotton Dish Towels for $10.99

All those old plates from your Uncle’s first marriage aren’t going to dry themselves, you know. Actually, that’s completely untrue, they’ll dry off eventually. Still, it’s nice to have some towels around for drying off hands or wiping up spills.


ScottA27 Rolls Scott Septic-Safe Toilet Paper for $16.97

This is camp, not the spa, so don’t even think about asking for that hoity-toity Cottonelle quilted nonsense. If you’re going to rough it upta camp you need a rough toilet paper. Gets the job done, don’t it?


Cola117-inch Charcoal Grill for $47.99

Just because you have a propane stove inside doesn’t mean you should cook with it outside, too. Grab this inexpensive Amazon Choice charcoal grill and treat your family to the smoky flavor only charcoal can afford.


BicMultiDDBic Grill Lighter 2-pack Only $7.89

Lots of things need to catch on fire when you’re at camp: the grill, the stove, the fireplace, evidence. Get this two-pack of lighters and they should last you the whole season. Maybe grab an extra pack for when someone misplaces both of these.


ASalad Serving Set for $7.06

Take those old mouse-chewed salad tongs and chuck them into the lake (don’t actually do that). Replace them with this attractive set that is so low cost, you won’t even care when a hermit breaks in over the off season and steals them.


PanAPre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet $20.45

This rugged cast iron skillet is dual-purpose. You can use it on the stove top or you can build a crackling camp fire outside and cook with it there. It’s totally up to you. Best part is it’s pre-seasoned so you don’t have to go through with that rigmarole, unless you’re into that sort of thing.


CotAColeman Deluxe Camping Cot $59.53

I have this exact cot and it rules. Seriously, it beats the snot out of sleeping on the floor. If you need a few extra berths for some unexpected guests, these cots are comfortable but not so comfortable they’ll overstay their welcome.


SleepA4-Season Sleeping Bag for $30.77

It’s never a bad idea to have at least one or two or five extra sleeping bags stashed away. This one doesn’t weigh as much as that woolen catastrophe from the 1960s you finally threw out last year, but it will keep you just as warm.


JengaBoard Games Both Classic and New

There are no screens at camp, just tattered paperback books, puzzles with pieces missing, and a stack of incomplete board games. Freshen up the supply with some of these inexpensive classics and fun new games, too.


freshDGlad 13-gallon Trash Bag Mega Pack for $13.76

Buy this box of 110 trash bags and the fresh scent of Febreze is your reward. They guarantee 5 days of freshness, which is a lot to promise on keeping your trash from stinking up the place. Also great for storing sleeping bags, pillows, sheets and other things until next season.




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