Winter Will Never Leave, So Snuggle Up With a Classic Maine Book

MaineLost on a Mountain in Maine for Just $5.24 on Kindle

If you live in Maine, or went to school here, there’s an extremely good chance you read this book. But have you read it recently? Now’s the perfect chance, because the damn snow is back again, but it’s no longer fun. This is the Kindle version, so you can buy it and start reading it immediately. We lost Donn Fendler in 2016, but his harrowing ordeal lives on in this classic book.

Forget the Snow: Time to Start Thinking About Camping With This Backpack Deal

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack on Sale for $63.4691U1d7+7mlL._SL1500_

I don’t know if you noticed, but underneath all that snow, there’s a slick layer of mud. That means winter is almost in our rear view, so we can all get back outside without freezing. Winter has its place, there’s no question, but by the time Daylight Saving rolls around, I think most people are pretty sick of it. Thankfully, warmer days are coming soon, and we can start battling mosquitoes and blackflies, all in the name of enjoying the great outdoors. This sturdy hiking backpack from AmazonBasics is on sale right now, and includes a rainfly for when things start to get a little soggy. There are 77 customer reviews with a 4.8 out of 5 total, so this is a pretty well-liked item. Comes in green, too.

Organize Your (Work) Life With This Deal on DeWalt Tough System 100 Bucket Tool Organizer

DewaltDeWalt Tough System Tool Organizer is $77.49 Today Only

Hey, how’s the workplace looking? A little rough? Screws, wirenuts, and other odds and ends all over the damn place? If this sounds like your site, congratulations, we are extremely similar. But if you want to keep things organized in a rugged way, Amazon has this set on sale today only. It will go perfectly with the DeWalt stereo permanently tuned to 105 WTOS.

Clean Your Floors Before Mud Season Ruins Them Again With This Robot Vacuum

SharkThumbShark Ion Robot 750 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuum on Sale Today Only

Snow is about to send us back to the ice-age, but since it’s March, it won’t last long. It will leave us with the nice, soupy mess that is mud season. You can get ahead of it all with this app-enabled robot vacuum cleaner, which is an Amazon Deal of the Day. Normally $350, Amazon has the Ion Robot down to $259.99 for the remainder of the day.

LG Rebel TracFone Pre-Paid Phone for $30 with Free $40 Airtime Bundle

LG Rebel TracFone Is $29.99 and You Get $40 Airtime

There are still an awful lot of places that don’t have cell reception good enough to justify signing up with a carrier, so if you can’t use your cellphone all the time, why pay for it like you do? Or if you just don’t see the sense in signing up for a contract, this is the deal for you. The phone is just $30 and Amazon throws inĀ 1000-minutes, 2000 text messages and 2GB of data good for 60 days after activation. Score!

Almost Time to Head Upta Camp: Here Are Some Essentials

Yes, it’s going to snow like a bastard in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have up at camp this summer. And with spring rapidly and blessedly approaching, you’re going to have to go up there and blow the stink off and dump the dead mouse out of the trash can you forgot to flip over.

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Save on Magazine Subscriptions

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this internet thing, but I guess it’s pretty popular. Still, for my money, it doesn’t get much better than a physical magazine. Amazon has some excellent deals on magazine subscriptions for you to check out. You can get some of them digitally, too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Continue reading “Save on Magazine Subscriptions”